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Doug Jacobs with a butternut tree that has been infected with stem canker.Biotechnology offers holistic approach to restoration of at-risk forest tree species

Purdue University and HTIRC’s Douglass Jacobs and Kasten Dumroese, USDA Forest Service, led a team of 19 co-authors in presenting their findings. Many at-risk forest tree species will probably need biotechnology.

Virginia pine needlesIntro to Trees of Indiana: Virginia Pine

Meet the Virginia pine, a story by Wendy Mayer featuring HTIRC’s Lenny Farlee. The Virginia pine features clusters of two needles approximately two inches long which are often twisted. Click on the title link to read more.

Map of U.S. for research Scale Dependency for lidar-derived Forest Structural Diversity.Scale dependency of lidar-derived forest structural diversity

British Ecological Society brings us a study by Brady S. Hardiman relating observations from one scale to phenomena at another scale is a long-standing focus of ecological research.


Graph showing research on Thousand Cankers Disease treatment.Fungal, host and non-host volatiles modify attraction of the walnut twig beetle to pheromone lures

Published in the Royal Entomological Society, Matt Ginzel studies Thousand Cankers Disease (TCD) which is a pest complex that threatens the health and productivity of eastern black walnut.

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