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From left, HTIRC Director Charles Michler, Senator Richard Lugar, Bob Burke, and Purdue University FNR Department Head Dennis LeMaster at an HTIRC event in 1999.In Memoriam: Bob Burke

The HTIRC mourns the passing of Bob Burke, whose dedication and passion for forestry have left an indelible mark on our organization. Bob was instrumental in establishing the HTIRC at Purdue and served on our Advisory Committee since the beginning. His invaluable insights and guidance helped shape our mission and priorities. Bob’s unwavering commitment to advancing the science of tree improvement and sustainable forestry has been integral to our efforts and will continue to inspire us in the years to come. We pay tribute to his life of service and are grateful for his contributions to forestry and the HTIRC.

Person holding a tree plant in the research plot in Sweden.Taking Environmental Expertise Abroad Brings Ideas Back Home

Congratulations to HTIRC's Jingjing Liang and Doug Jacobs whose international work was featured in the winter 2024 issue of Envision Magazine.

Black walnut seedlings in lab.DNA Science Cracked Case of Stolen Walnut Trees on Mark Twain National Forest

A recent investigation of illegal tree harvesting on the Mark Twain National Forest that led to the indictment of a southern Missouri man used an uncommon form of evidence—DNA from an illegally harvested log. USDA forest Service Richard Cronn investigated.

DREAM flowchartDesired Regeneration through Assisted Migration (DREAM)

How can land mangers be sure that trees planted today will meet the climatic challenges of tomorrow? Check out this article from USDA Forest Service featuring a collaboration of HTIRC member Carrie Pike and alumni Nick LaBonte.

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