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The Great Clearcut Controversy

 Authors: Skye M. Greenler and Mike R. Saunders

Image of cover page of the publicationTeachers, parents and outdoor enthusiasts will want to download this free new Purdue Extension-Forestry and Natural Resources publication, The Great Clearcut Controversy.  In this inquiry-based teaching unit, students use real scientific data to investigate how a bird community and individual forest animals respond to a clearcut timber harvest. In this investigation, students: use scientific inquiry to gain knowledge and answer questions; apply that knowledge to the engineering design process; and design a viable management solution given the constraints and tradeoffs they discover. All materials used in the three lessons are easily accessible and free.

HTIRC and Forestry and Natural Resources Graduate Students at their December Commencement

Congratulations!  We wish you the best!

Image of graduate students near the Boilermaker Special
Nick LaBonte, Megan Scott, and Jun Lee
Image of Nick and Keith
Nick LaBonte and his adviser Dr. Keith Woeste

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