More Resources

  • Purdue Genomics Core Facility: This facility provides both next-generation–Illumina HiSeq and MiSeq, “Sanger” sequencing and Purdue “WideSeq“ services.
  • National Seed Laboratory: The National Seed Laboratory (NSL) serves as the primary national strategic resource for forest ecosystem seed science and technology.
  • Tropical HTIRC: The Tropical Hardwood Tree Improvement and Regeneration Center is a collaborative research, development, extension, and education center. Its mission is to advance the science of Pacific islands hardwood tree breeding, conservation, genetics, and silviculture.
  • Thousand Cankers Disease: This website provides assistance to help you find answers to questions about thousand canker disease.
  • USDA Forest Service Reforestation, Regeneration and Genetic Resources: This website provides resources for professionals and citizens on native plant or tree seedling nurseries in the US, how to collect, germinate and grow native tree seeds, and practical information on reforestation. It is supported by the USDA Forest Service and Southern Region Extension Forestry.
  • Woodland Steward: The Woodland Steward Institute’s purpose is to promote the wise use of Indiana’s forest resources. Eleven member organizations make up an editorial board to produce the Woodland Steward publication, distributed three times per year to over 30,000 landowners.