Graduate Students

The HTIRC is always recruiting self-motivated people as graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, or visiting scientists to come to Purdue University. We maintain a large and internationally diverse staff addressing a wide range of research topics related to conservation and population genetics; forest tree breeding; plant tissue culture and genetic modification technologies for tree improvement; forest entomology; forest ecology; silviculture; and regeneration and restoration of forest lands. Review the Research and Directory for more information about the specific research and scientists at the HTIRC.

Students should have GRE scores at 50th percentile or better in Verbal and Quantitative, and 4.0 in Analytical Writing, GPA 3.2 or higher, and (if applicable) TOEFL scores that exceed university minimums. Funding is available through the Fred M. van Eck scholarship program (GRE scores averaging above the 60th percentile and GPA 3.4 or higher), university or departmental scholarships, and occasionally through external grants.

Many scholarship applications have an application deadline of between November-January for admission in the coming fall semester.

The department is housed in three buildings with outstanding facilities to learn and make new discoveries including 17 educational labs and greenhouses and 4,173 acres of forest land on over 25 research property locations.