Tree Improvement Data Exploration


Explore research data on tree improvement work by the Center.  This includes fuzzed planting locations, species planted, and planting history. The following link will take you directly to a new page with a dashboard for data exploration. Click here to the data portal.

Data Visualization Methods

Image of data portal
The database: HTIRC Interface

  1. Very fine detail down to individual trees, one planting at a time
  2. Restricted access on S: drive
  3. Data is not editable, but may be linked directly to the server

The database application that was created: HTIRC_Database_Application

  1. Planting level summaries
  2. Age
  3. Species
  4. Year planted
  5. Accessible to anyone with a Purdue account
  6. Summaries are not editable, but can be directly linked to server
  7. Planting level summaries
  8. Open to the public
  9. Cannot copy data
  10. Updated manually

Excel Dashboard: Excel Dashboard


  1. Planting level summaries
  2. Can copy data
  3. Read only to server
  4. Directly linked to server
  5. Has real height and dbh
  6. Cannot be used by multiple users at the same time.

Do not make changes and save file please.

If you  have any questions, feel free to contact Jim Warren. 765.583.3506 or