Graduate Students

Image of Molly

Molly Barrett, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Saunders

Molly joins Purdue’s Department of Forestry and Natural Resources from Northern Arizona where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in forestry with a minor in biology. Molly’s research is focused on regeneration response of oaks to prescribed fire and gap-based harvesting in the Central Hardwood Forest Region (CHFR).

Image of Aziz

Aziz Ebrahimi, PhD

Principal Investigator – Dr. Jacobs

Azia is a PhD student at Purdue University, studying whole genome and genes related to cold tolerance in walnut and koa.  Aziz’s interest is in landscape genetics, phylogeny and evolution of tree species, and he has utilized genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics tools to address questions in that area of research.

Image of Elias Gaffney

Elias Bowers Gaffney, M.S.

Principal Investigator – Dr. Saunders


Image of Sayon Ghosh

Sayon Ghosh, PhD

Principal Investigator – Dr. Saunders


Bradley Graham – PhD

Bradley Graham – PhD

Principal Investigator – Dr. Jenkins

The primary objectives of Brad’s dissertation research are to quantify the carbon storage capacity of Central Hardwood Region forests by assessing remaining old-growth stands across the region and to investigate long-term changes in carbon storage reservoirs through repeated measurements.

Image of Scott Gula

Scott Gula, MS

Principal Investigators -Dr. Ginzel and Dr. Couture

Host-plant interactions of long-horned beetles.

Yunmei Huang

Yunmei Huang, PhD

Principal Investigator -Dr. Fei

Yunmei is interested in digitial forestry research. Her current work focuses on the use of AI in species recognition and biometrics extraction.

Image of Brianne Innusa

Brianne Innusa, M.S.

Principal Investigator – Dr. Jacobs


Image of Caleb Kell

Caleb Kell, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Jacobs

Farm Technician/Graduate Research Assistant

Image Bowen-Li

Bowen Li, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Shao

Image of Alison Ochs

Alison Ochs, MS

Principle Investigator  – Dr. Saunders

She studies the short and long term effects of timber management on terrestrial salamanders. In particular, she focuses on the effects of prescribed fire, the different effects of clearcuts, shelterwood harvest, and uneven age management, and how far into surrounding forest such effects reach.

Image of Bee

Brande (Bee) Overbey, PhD

Principal Investigator – Dr. Jacobs

Bee’s research focuses on the role that birds play in forest restoration through seed dispersal, scatter hoarding, germination and pollination, and how to maximize the impact of these behaviors through our forest management strategies.

Image of Minjee Park

Minjee (Sylvia) Park, PhD

Principal Investigators – Dr. Couture and Dr. Jacobs

Minjee’s research is characterizing abiotic and biotic tree stress using hyperspectral information.

Image of Sarah Radeacher

Sarah Rademacher, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Jenkins

Sarah’s research will be studying the effects of overstory manipulation and the reintroduction of fire on oak regeneration within an oak-hickory woodland. Mesophication due to lack of fire on the landscape is encouraging shade tolerant species to thrive and oak regeneration to decline. This project assists in the understanding of how these land management techniques could benefit oak restoration in oak woodlands.



Image of Summer Rathfon

Summer Rathfon, MS

Principal Investigators – Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Woeste

Summer is a new graduate student this fall!

Image of Kelsey Tobin

Kelsey Tobin, PhD

Principle Investigator – Dr. Ginzel


Image of Cameron Patrick

Cameron Wingren, MS

Principle Investigators – Dr. Fei and Dr. Hupy

Cameron’s research interests center on the use of UAS to detect and monitor forest disturbance.

Image of Recep Yildiz

Recep (Rich) Yildiz, MS

Principle Investigator – Dr. Meilan and Dr. Woeste

I am from Turkey and graduated from Karadeniz Technical University-Forest Engineering Department as a forest engineer, in Turkey, in 2012 . I will be studying on forest tree breeding and quantitative genetics.