Graduate Students

Image of Molly

Molly Barret, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Saunders Molly joins Purdue’s Department of Forestry and Natural Resources from Northern Arizona where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in forestry with a minor in biology. Molly’s research is focused on regeneration response of oaks to prescribed fire and gap-based harvesting in the Central Hardwood Forest Region (CHFR).

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Erin Bell, PhD

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Olivia Bigham, M.S.

Principal Investigator – Dr. Ginzel


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Aishwarya Chandrasekaran, PhD


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Kelly French, PhD


Image of Elias Gaffney

Elias Bowers Gaffney, MS


Image of Scott Gula.

Scott Gula, PhD

Principal Investigators – Dr. Ginzel and Dr. Couture Host-plant interactions of long-horned beetles

Image of Yunmei Huang.

Yunmei Huang, PhD

Principal Investigator – Dr. Fei Yunmei is interested in digital forestry research. Her current work focuses on the use of AI in species recognition and biometrics extraction.


Image of Brianne Innusa.

Brianne Innusa, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Jacobs Brianne is studying maritime forest restoration in southern Georgia. She is mainly concerned with how to grow southern live oak in a restoration setting, and how these oaks are competing for resources with loblolly pine.

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Ellie Joll, MS 

Image of Bowen-Li.

Bowen Li, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Shao 

Image of Alison Ochs.

Alison Ochs, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Saunders  Alison studies the short- and long-term effects of timber management on terrestrial salamanders. In particular, she focuses on the effects of prescribed fire, the different effects of clearcuts, shelterwood harvest, uneven age management, and how far into surrounding forest such effects could reach.

Image of Minjee Park

Minjee (Sylvia) Park, PhD

Principal Investigators – Dr. Couture and Dr. Jacobs Sylvia’s research is characterizing abiotic and biotic tree stress using hyperspectral information.

Image of Summer Rathfon

Summer Rose Rathfon, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Jenkins 

Image of Thaddeus Swart.

Thaddeus Swart, MS

Principal Investigator – Dr. Jenkins

Image of Kelsey Tobin.

Kelsey Nicole Tobin, PhD

Principal Investigator – Dr. Ginzel 

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Wang Xiang, PhD