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Trees are moving westward in response to precipitation changes, Purdue University professor reveals

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — After analyzing extensive data collected on 86 tree species in the eastern United States, a research team led by Purdue University professor Songlin Fei found that over the past 30 years, most trees have been shifting westward or northward in response to climate change. Read More  (Purdue University photo/Tom Campbell)

Walnut and the First Forest Farms

On a hot, dusty day some two thousand years ago, a traveler stops on the road from Dunhuang, China, to Marakanda (now Samarkand) in Central Asia. He drinks deeply from his flask, then reaches into his sling, pulls out a walnut, cracks it on a rock and pops the kernel into his mouth. He savors the taste, cinches up his heavy packs and walks on. Read More  (March/April 2017, Written by Graham Chandler)

Restoring the Chestnut

A quarter of all hardwood trees in Eastern forests used to be of one species. The American chestnut. Today, Ron Doyle is thankful to have a writing pen made of that wood. His dad, Irvin, gave him the pen as a gift in the 1980s. The elder Doyle had recovered the wood from a barn he owned. A friend turned it and several others on a lathe. Read More