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Climate drives link between forest biodiversity and productivity

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Some ecologists believe that species richness is positively related to ecosystem productivity, while others conclude that the relationship is bell-shaped or they are unrelated. Using big data, Purdue University scientists now know which theory is correct – all of them. Read More


The Silent Work of Forests

The Silent Work of Forests

In a mature forest, woody vines, flowering shrubs, ferns and other plants all blend together in a medley of greens and browns on a floor shaded by a thick overstory.  To the casual hiker, a cluster of saplings standing a few feet tall isn’t much to stop and look at.

Gordon McNickle, however, sees something that most people don’t. Those saplings, just a few leaves shooting off from thin green stems, have been locked in a waiting game for years.  If they opportunity arises, they’ll set off on an arms race that will end with only one survivor. Read more.

Purdue College of Agriculture ENVISION Winter 2020

Op-ed: Indiana’s yellowwood trees ‘unlike any other on the planet’

Three years ago, on behalf of The Nature Conservancy I supported the designation of a portion of Yellowwood State Forest as a High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF). My reason for doing so was clear: I wanted to save the yellowwood tree. Read more.