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Indiana’s forests are in danger, and the threat: You

Indiana’s forests are in jeopardy.
Now before pointing to the “Save Yellowwood” sign in your front yard in agreement or
sighing at the gall of the so called “tree huggers” in exasperation, this discussion is not
about the state’s public forests.
No — rather, it’s the private forests at stake. The ones surrounding the house where you
live, the ones where you go four-wheeling with family, the ones where you go hunting
with friends or the ones where you chop wood to feed your fires. The ones you own. Read More

Survey of U.S. forests ties tree-killing insects to climate change

Human activities such as deforestation and the burning of fossil fuels are by far the biggest contributors to climate change. But by killing trees that suck heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the air, certain bugs deserve a bit of blame — and a new study shows that invasive insects and diseases kill enough trees in the United States each year to release 6 million tons of carbon into the atmosphere. Read More 

The Trees at the Fairgrounds have Officially Come Down

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI)- The trees at the fairgrounds have officially come down.

The trees are believed to have stood for more than 200 years.

When the fairgrounds took over the land of wood, it caused damage to the tree’s growth. Now these trees are being re purposed to teach us some history of the land.

Mike Saunders is a hardwood expert and Natural Resource Professor at Purdue.